Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen

On her estate in rural Norway, Helen Alving lives with the bitter memory of her cruel, philandering late husband. To escape the ghosts that plague her, she decides to tell her son, Oswald, the truth about his outwardly respectable father when Oswald returns home from Paris. However, Oswald has returned home with a secret of his own. In Ibsen’s “forbidden play”, long-held secrets are revealed, uncomfortable truths are faced, and a troubled family meets a cruel and unavoidable fate.

Written in 1881, Ghosts is a scathing commentary on morality. Perhaps one of Ibsen’s most important works, it was banned in several countries for it’s controversial and frank discussion of religion, familial roles, incest, venereal disease, and euthanasia. As theatre critic Maurice Valency wrote in 1963, “regular tragedy dealt mainly with the unhappy consequences of breaking the moral code. Ghosts, on the contrary, deals with the consequences of not breaking it.”

When it was produced in England in 1891, it was reviled in the press, which referred to it as “a loathsome sore unbandage; a dirty act done publicly … gross, almost putrid indecorum … literary carrion … crapulous stuff.” Now Ghosts is considered among Ibsen’s greatest plays and one of the most important in Western theatre.

Coming in January 2021

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Cast List

Mrs. Helen AlvingLorraine Poston
Oswald AlvingLuc Clopton
Pastor MandersSteve Lambert
Jacob EngstrandErick Lindley
Regina EngstrandAmy Wolfley


DirectorCharles Davidson
Set and Lighting DesignMichael Pierce
Sound DesignAndy Poston
Music ComposerStephen Ellestad
Video ProductionInnerVoice.Media