Lizzie the Musical

Lizzie the Musical

We’ve all heard of the horrific murders that occurred in Fall River, Massachusetts in the sweltering summer of 1892 (“Lizzie Borden took an ax …”) and the resulting “Trial of the Century” that cemented the legend, but “Lizzie” seeks to move beyond the myth and explore deeper topics in society, both then and now.  The musical explores themes of sexual assault, media exploitation, and the secrets we share and keep.  In “Lizzie”, we discover what may have possessed a young woman to commit unspeakable acts of violence that shattered her community.

Lizzie Borden took an axe
Gave her mother forty whacks
When she saw what she had done
Gave her father forty-one

LIZZIE is four women fronting a six-piece rock band. LIZZIE is rage, sex, betrayal, and bloody murder. LIZZIE is American mythology set to a blistering rock score. LIZZIE is a new American musical with a sound owing less to Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber than to Bikini Kill, the Runaways, and Heart.  It is a combination of live stage show, rock concert, and music video set in Victorian New England but which moves seamlessly between gothic horror and modern punk rock.


When:  October 2021

Where:  The Sanctuary Soundstage – InnerVoice.Media Creative Wonderlab, 383B Nevada Street, Auburn

Critical Acclaim for Lizzie

“A gothic rock ritual with a ‘riotgirl’ attitude … an eerie hybrid of rock club and a turn-of-the-century New England parlor … Presented with wall-rattling glee…deliciously watchable.” — The New York Times

“Lush tunes which retch sex, rage, dyke heat, misanthropy, and incest … Surreal glee and gallows humor … Finally, a rock musical you’d wanna mosh to.” — The Village Voice

“We came for splattered red, for madness and mayhem, and Lizzie Borden more than delivers” — Show Business Weekly

“Rollicking (yet tuneful) Epic Rock Score + Intelligent (and sometimes tongue in cheek) Lyrics = PURE AWESOMENESS!” — David Clarke, Houston Press, Top Ten Theater-Related Recordings of 2013

“Like Gwen Stefani circa “Just a Girl”—only homicidal and clad in Victorian dress—the Lizzie Borden of rock opera Lizzie is a foot-stomping, hair-flinging rebel who can rock out with the best of them.” — Willamette Week/Portland